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Tribal Covid $ spending flexibility, behavioral health & infrastructure provisions included in new budget law

574 tribal nations received $45 billion in 'historic' pandemic funds; Ukraine at $160 billion and counting

As Gov. Noem burns trash with her new flamethrower, tribes shovel themselves out

Miracle in the making: Indian Health Service to receive advance appropriations

Are charter schools the way to solve Bureau of Indian Education woes?

8 Indian bills clear U.S. Senate

HHS report finds Native kids most likely to live with parent who has substance use disorder

Discuss: An undeniable 30-year economic boom in Indian Country

NAGPRA rule change consultations kick off

Tribes support Kunesh for Commissioner of the Administration for Native Americans

Grijalva: Indigenous people need real compensation for climate change

Q&A: Titus preps for preservation of sacred Spirit Mountain

A potentially transformative tribal funding & sovereignty bill

Native legislative momentum in waning days of 117th U.S. Congress

'You should be listening to us'

Harris' full remarks at White House Tribal Nations Summit 2022

Biden's full remarks at White House Tribal Nations Summit 2022

Will Biden support boarding school reparations at the WH Tribal Nations Summit?

10+ initiatives and a progress report

The 2021 virtual White House Tribal Nations Summit in pictures

Preview of White House Tribal Nations Summit 2022

What must be covered at White House Tribal Nations Summit 2022?

Urban Indians let down by IHS advance appropriations response

Broken treaties, reparations, free tuition uniquely concerned Native voters in 2022

'Sounding the alarm': Natives increasingly voted Republican in midterms

U.S. Senate slow to recognize National Native American Heritage Month

Five tribes make treaty claims for U.S. House representation

Jill Biden hosts Native American Heritage Month reception

Dedication of the National Native American Veterans Memorial

Teehee secures House hearing in bid to become Cherokee U.S. congressional delegate

Full Brackeen Indian Child Welfare Act oral arguments

U.S. Congress gains & loses Indigenous representation

Tribal sovereignty in the ongoing disenrollment era

White House proclamation: November 2022 National Native American Heritage Month

'Sovereignty is on the ballot': Pay attention to the 2022 Native American vote

Top tribal health advocate steps down as tribes seek IHS advance appropriations

Navajo citizens say Biden 'doubles down' on Trump-era fracking on sacred Greater Chaco

Will you be able to attend the White House Tribal Nations Summit in person?

Pushback on Interior's plan to consult with Native Hawaiians

Quantifying #LandBack

On International Pronouns Day, Haaland shared hers

Treasury increasingly including Natives in its equations

Tribes to Biden: Include tribal voices in UN climate conference

Walker's Indigenous claims scrutinized

10 Ways to Commemorate Indigenous Peoples' Day 2022

Elizabeth A. Woody: Indigenous Peoples' Day 2022 statement

Should Interior Dept. contract out some of its boarding school research?

'Our voices matter': Boarding school descendant holds Haaland accountable

Native American feds conflicted over White House honoring of the Braves

'Be prepared to cry': Interior hiring leader for Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative

Coalition of Large Tribes expresses several federal budget concerns

Tso knows what the White House and U.S. Senate ignored

U.S. Justice Dept. to defend Indian Health Service workers who perform abortions

Loss, continued

UPDATE: After unexplained delays and amid declining Native life expectancy, U.S. Senate confirms Tso as IHS director

'An Evening With Sacheen Littlefeather'

Biden administration says Castro-Huerta is causing confusion and conflict

The importance of Houston Teehee's signature

Continuing the NDNs in new D.C. jobs theme...

White House appoints Elizabeth Carr as first-ever Office of Management and Budget tribal advisor

Indigenous memes aim to unsettle after passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Congresswoman-elect Mary Peltola doesn't mind being seen as the underdog

Is Sadina Montani NCAI's sexual harassment fixer?

Former NCAI CEO files $5 million human rights & labor law claims against top Native advocacy org

Tranel says Zinke 'turned his back on tribal nations long ago'

Mary Peltola's very happy birthday

Chinook Nation rallies for restored federal recognition

IRA's attempt to bypass ARPA discrimination lawsuits faces possible legal challenges

Is IHS on top of monkeypox outbreak?

Interior OIG: Zinke lied re: two Connecticut tribal casinos

Biden's student loan forgiveness impact on Native students

Indigenous Wire at home

StrongHearts Native Helpline: 'Trauma resilience is a common bond between Native peoples'

Questions of the week

Was enough done to get tribes money in the Inflation Reduction Act?

Continued consternation re: Castro-Huerta

Mary Kathryn Nagle: How Castro-Huerta 'flips federal Indian law on its head'

Happy International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples 2022!

Native climate advocates not impressed by Inflation Reduction Act

Schatz makes progress on direct loans for tribal energy development

Inflation Reduction Act fallout: Tribal leaders say Schatz should step down as chair of Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

Tribes urged to sign amicus brief to protect Indian Child Welfare Act

Pingree and DeLauro hold up advance appropriations for Indian health

Saying nope to the pope

The sad, surreal visit of an apologetic pope

Treasury to release overdue $500 million in pandemic relief for tribes

Biden administration preparing Castro-Huerta legislative solution

Tim Giago, giant of Native journalism, walks on

Haaland progresses on removing 'squaw'

Vilsack delays update on minority-serving ARPA funding

Tribal Freedmen secure Senate hearing

Olympics reinstates Thorpe as sole gold medal winner

Indian Health Service updates abortion policy

Indian Health Service may have a director before pandemic surges again

Tribal colleges aim for equity in funding

StrongHearts Native Helpline: Impacts of Roe v. Wade decision on Native American & Alaska Native women sexual violence victim-survivors

When a Native war hero gets an AP fact check over whether Biden pinned his medal on backward...

Rising trans star in Biden world has U.S. Interior Secretary's ear

110 years later, new steps taken to fully restore Jim Thorpe's Olympic medals

This land is my land...

Indian law nerds, how bad was Castro-Huerta?

Wise politics? Native education gets renewed focus from Biden admin in midterm election year

Tribes' reduced jurisdiction & Gorsuch's diminished influence over major Indian law

Advocates urge U.S. Congress to fund Native health

Tribe got Treasury visit, now tribe wants transformative action

Why did it take so long for Treasury to establish a tribal office?

Haaland's first STAC: Who made the cut?

Boebert blasts idea of reparations for boarding school victims

Trump wrongly believed Native Americans were getting paid to vote against him

Nooksack evictions of disenrolled on hold at Washington Supreme Court

No mark-up on boarding school reconcilation bill, instead big cats and gas rule the day

So you want to visit a reservation to get an abortion?

Axios doesn't know where Native Americans live

Suzan Shown Harjo battles the Braves

White House botches release of tribal infrastructure playbook

Many ways to criticize Interior Secretary Deb Haaland without low blows

Cherokee U.S. Rep. Yvette Herrell, Redskins cheerleader?

Roselyn Tso, IHS director nominee, finally gets a hearing

Atlanta Braves use failed play from DC football team

Hearing anything about a Senate hearing on boarding schools?

Dems spend resources to curb GOP gains with Native voters

Sen. Luján makes up for Missing Murdered Indigenous Women gaffe

When a name change is something else

White House position on tribal pandemic relief clawbacks unclear

GOP leader questions cost, mission of U.S. boarding school commission

Tears and talk of reparations

Interior Department STAC apps due May 16

Bureau of Prisons switching kidney health formulas

Tribal infrastructure czar coming soon

Indigenous youth seek voice in international body

Why Nike, Forever 21, Nestlé & Hermès should pay attention to UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

'No school I ever attended had children buried in unmarked graves'

Mad in Maine: Democratic Gov. Mills stymies tribal sovereignty bill

'Free, Prior and Informed Consent' on the world stage

Despite previous opposition, NDN Collective now supports Interior’s renewed oil-and-gas leasing program

DNC Natives highlight call for boarding school bill congressional hearings

Can Biden admin have it both ways in supporting clean energy and fossil fuels?

A good Friday to watch Pope Francis' visit with Canadian First Nations

Wealthy investors urge banks and oil financiers to consent with Indigenous peoples

StrongHearts Native Helpline: 'Warning signs that someone has experienced sexual violence'

Viewing party! Elections to United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues at 10 a.m. ET -- LINK BELOW

Controversy in store for seating of United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues? Not likely.

Doug George-Kanentiio: 'We don't want an apology, we want justice'

Tribal leaders work Capitol Hill to ensure pandemic funds not taken away

DNC loses Native organizer in midterm election year

Wyden stands with tribes as only Senate Dem to shut down COVID tribal funding claw back

Tribal officials urge Pelosi to stop Senate's Covid relief clawback plan

The 'lost' Sarah Palin adviser interview on the former governor's Indian Country views

Romney's COVID funding bill would gut U.S. Treasury tribal relief programs by hundreds of millions of dollars

Some frybread food politics to start your week!

Sandra LaFleur: A lesson in Indigenous and non-Indigenous ally relations and Indigenous Wire to unite

Gov. Stitt talks Cherokee citizenship while deriding tribal sovereignty on Tucker Carlson

Biden's $9.1B mandatory IHS funding request falls far short of what's needed, say tribal officials

Consultation gets tribes billions less in Biden budget request for FY2023

Just how 'historic' is Biden White House's 2023 Indian Country budget request?

Barre Museum asked to return Wounded Knee Massacre artifacts, remains and sacred objects

White House releases Native voting rights report

SCOTUS thoughts: Would you mind if a judge supports Tribal Critical Race Theory?

Rep. Don Young, dean of Congress & major friend to Indian Country, walks on

Top Native Dems call on Biden to grant Leonard Peltier clemency

'Auntie Deb' Haaland plans to get spicy at SXSW

Frybread politics at South by Southwest

Indigenous Wire @ SXSW

Oklahoma tribes celebrate McGirt-related omnibus spending

Omnibus package includes $6.6 billion for Indian Health Service

After lengthy wait, Biden nominates Indian Health Service director

Tribal VAWA provisions included in must-pass Senate and House omnibus package

GOP wants to extract and drill on tribal lands, Dems want tribes to pursue clean energy. What do tribes want?

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women reporting grant dramatically cut

Gabe Galanda: 'Tribal nationhood requires citizen civil rights protection'

GAO says HHS must provide better COVID-19 and general health data to tribes

Gov. Stitt signals support for tribal Freedmen

China highlights America's genocide toward tribes on the geopolitical stage

How one human rights lawyer is putting multiple D.C. tribal interests on edge

Understanding the $1.7 billion Indian water rights settlements

Conservative media meltdown over Indigenous person being invited to the State of the Union

Toni Stanger-McLaughlin: 'Looking at domestic and international food security through an Indigenous perspective'

SOTU shout out for Melissa Isaac, Gizhwaasod (“Protector of the Young”)

Indian Child Welfare Act again reaches U.S. Supreme Court

Local boy makes good?

White House maintains need to reduce reliance 'on oil in general'

SCOOP: Rep. Sharice Davids, Ho-Chunk, weighs in on Kansas state educator who told cousins to fear ‘Indians raiding the town’

Supreme Court ties us up in pipelines, and Ketanji Brown Jackson continues the trend

American Petroleum Institute releases pro-fossil fuel ad campaign in response to Russia's Ukraine invasion

The Ukraine crisis and Native fossil fuel concerns

Tribal chairman slams Biden White House inaction on Dakota Access Pipeline after Supreme Court tribal win

Biden administration opposes Alaska mining road approved by Trump administration

Dakota Access Pipeline developer lawsuit stalls, environmental review continues

Secretary Haaland’s messaging on ‘squaw’ aims to purposely heighten attention

Shannon Shaw Duty: 'A free press a priority among tribal nations'

StrongHearts Native Helpline: 'How will the expansion of 5G impact Native American and Alaska Native domestic violence victims?'

Matrilineal mamas get Seneca Nation to halt major payment to New York state

AWARD SEASON: Amid weighty legislative talk, U.S. Rep. Don Young keeps NCAI on its toes

Interior Inspector General: Ryan Zinke 'did not comply with ethical obligations and duty of candor'

Why Secretary Haaland is establishing a tribal advisory committee, and the pitfalls she’ll try to avoid

National Congress of American Indians plays hardball with federal officials

Lori Jump: 'Silence protects violence, and this silence must end'

Kevin Washburn’s influence on the Biden White House, and their mutual attempt to downplay it

That time Joe Rogan was afraid to smudge, and the Native lady who caused his fear factor

Mothers of the Nation oppose massive Seneca tribal gaming settlement with New York state

Should Spotify remove Joe Rogan's 'redskins' broadcast?

Tribe sidesteps disenrollment as a human and civil rights issue

Gabriella Cázares-Kelly: The Indigenous Heather Cox Richardson, or something more?

Patrice Kunesh: 'How are the children?'

U.S. Rep. Tom Cole, Chickasaw, on being perceived as an old White guy

United Nations says evictions of disenrolled tribal citizens must stop

Indigenous Wire Q&A: U.S. Rep. Tom Cole on improving medical care for Native Americans

Open Thread: T-Bone and Heather long for the good old days, before the Commanders butted in

Breaking down the proposed $665 million tribal government opioid settlement

Native advocates question Sen. Luján's understanding of Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women crisis

Thank you for making Indigenous Wire's first month a smashing success!

Stacy Leeds: 'Asterisk This'

GOP launches tribal ground game midterm campaign

Kamala Harris: Friend to Indian Country and first Black woman U.S. Supreme Court Justice?

Biden administration’s apparent end to vaccine mandate for big biz doesn’t end consultation issues for tribes

Beware of celebrating Supreme Court’s latest McGirt decision too soon

Indigenous Wire Q&A: U.S. Rep. Dusty Johnson proudly shares his 'wasicu' (White man) voice on Indigenous veterans, Columbus Day, and the first Lakota congressman

Navajo Code Talker John Kinsel Sr. celebrates major birthday milestone

Illinois DNR pulls Aztec promo of group reportedly headed by Aztecs

Open Thread: Farewell, Teddy Roosevelt, we hardly knew ye

Catawba Nation defends Chuck Schumer's inclusion of tribe's off-reservation casino in defense bill

$10 million Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women grant 'canceled'

Gov. Stitt uses MLK Jr.'s legacy to denounce Supreme Court's McGirt ruling and tribal sovereignty

Wealthy French fashionistas aimed to profit off Indigenous Mexican elder

Robert Odawi Porter: 'Seneca Nation making huge mistake to pay New York state right now'

Native representation at Harry Reid's state memorial

Indigenous Wire Q&A: Wendy Helgemo, former Indian affairs advisor to Harry Reid, shares insights on his Native legacy

Remembering Harry Reid’s Native American legacy

Will Biden administration force tribes to fire tribal employees? Tribes express sovereign concerns regarding COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Jacqueline Keeler, Pretendian ethnic fraud list creator, blocks Indigenous Wire

In Pretendian/Karendian/Defendian controversy, did New York Post photoshop Native activist?

Will Ben Smith's new 'global' media empire include Indigenous news?

Indigenous Wire Q&A: ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg builds up tribal infrastructure plans

Nothing like a snow day on launch day

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