"I have never heard" is hearsay. There's been many many questions over the decades. No one in her family appears on any of the US Indian Census rolls since her father's birth in . You can easily access her family tree on Ancestry and do your own search, if you doubt it. Try calling the tribe as well.

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My family has known Sasheen Littlefeather since the mid-1960s. As a teenager (I was born in 1950), my Aunt Barbara (1/2 Fort McDermitt Tribe) was a close friend of Sasheen. My Grandparents (Norma (Wasson) (4/4ths Fort McDermitt Tribe) and George Eagleye Johnny Jr (4/4ths Fallon Tribe)) knew Sasheen and when I was a teenager invited her to stay at their home, where I lived, on occasion. Sasheen, like me and my family, were members of the San Francisco Bay Area Indian Community. I first met Sasheen personally in the late 1970s until I went to law school in Denver in 1982. In August 2001, I was hired by Marin County, California, to design a court program and a couple days later hired as the part-time Chief Justice of the CRIT Court of Appeals. While I worked for Marin County, I attended Marin American Indian Alliance meetings and monthly pow wows and got to work with Sasheen until my job with Marin County ended in 2006.

I’ve heard of people claiming Sasheen wasn’t an Indian but I always chocked it up to jealousy and envy. She looked like a beautiful Indian woman, she was an actress, a Playboy centerfold, and a good person. She attended numerous American Indian social gathering that I observed and was always sober and willing to help people.

As a mixed blood being raised in the Bay Area, I was always treated well by other members of the Indian community. My “Indianness” was never challenged.

In 1987, I was elected the Council Chairman of the Fort McDermitt Tribe. Ten tribal members for several reasons were angry I was elected the Chairman: 1) I was the first mixed blood Chairman; 2) I was born off the reservation; 3) I never lived on the rez only visited my Grandmother’s sisters and brother; and 4) I was the first Chairman with and undergraduate and law degree. Four years after my term as Chairman ended, I was disenrolled for political reasons by a vote of 2 For, 6 Abstained and 0 Against. Six years later, a new Council rescinded the Resolution that disenrolled me. I know what it’s like to have people hate you when they don’t really know you.

Sasheen should not be required to prove who she is. If the person who claims she is a pretend Indian has proof (birth certificate, etc.) let him share it but I doubt s/he has proof.

To me, Sasheen is Indian.

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