Questions of the week

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Why was the Tribal Interior Budget Council recently informed that the Bureau of Indian Affairs is slated to get $100 million less than their budget recommendations for fiscal year 2023? Why is the Bureau of Indian Education being shorted by $99 million?

Why isn’t Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) getting more of the blame for lacking tribal dollars in the Inflation Reduction Act? Are tribes who donate to him getting their money’s worth?

With tribes — especially richer-than-average ones — posting substantial gains in gaming dollars during the pandemic last year, should the U.S. Treasury Department have worked more diligently to develop formulas for distributing billions of dollars in tribal pandemic relief aid in a more equitable manner?

Jackie Keeler reportedly thinks Sacheen Littlefeather — in the news for receiving an apology from the Academy of Motion Pictures for treating her badly in 1973 after Marlon Brando asked her to read a speech lamenting the representation of Natives in the arts — is a Pretendian. What do you think about that?

Have you applied to become the next tribal infrastructure czar at the U.S. Interior Department? Deadline is August 19.

Are you following the race for deceased U.S. Rep. Don Young’s (R-AK) open House seat? Will Mary Peltola become the first Alaska Native in the U.S. Congress?

What’s going on with the leadership of the National Congress of American Indians? Why was Dante Desiderio reportedly unceremoniously let go from his CEO position?

Just asking.

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