Gov. Stitt talks Cherokee citizenship while deriding tribal sovereignty on Tucker Carlson

“I’ve actually got my Indian card. My six children with blonde hair and blue eyes, they all have their Indian card,” Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt said on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show on March 30, while discussing his fervent belief in the need to reduce tribal control over criminal jurisdiction that resulted from the 2020 Supreme Court McGirt decision.

The ruling was made under a conservative-led U.S. Supreme Court, with a majority of justices appointed by Republican presidents.

Carlson seemed really concerned, as one can tell from the above screenshot.

“This is one of those stories that I think most people kind of missed,” Carlson lamented while introducing Stitt. “What does it mean for your state — that it’s no longer part of the United States, parts of it, or what is this?!”

“This is the equity agenda,” Carlson added later. “This is actually what they want for the whole country….”

Who, exactly, wants whatever Carlson is ignorantly lamenting, we’d ask if invited on his show. The U.S. Supreme Court with 6 conservative justices out of 9 total? The GOP congressmen who voted for more money in the omnibus a couple weeks back to help tribes maintain their sovereignty on this very issue?

Does Carlson get briefed before his show? A big chunk of the Republican Party supports tribal sovereignty, especially a whole lot of Republican Indians in the Sooner State itself.

Is the GOP now in favor of an equity agenda? Is that what Carlson is saying?

Full clip here. Discuss.

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P.S. His kids don’t even all look blonde haired and blue eyed to us. Can we really trust this guy? What say you?

Stitt family

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