Galanda: Remove blood quantum, restore kinship, outlaw disenrollment & eliminate per caps to strengthen 'relational' sovereignty.
ChatGPT predicts how partisan commentators view Native American policy. I predict how A.I. can aid Indigenous peoples.
Hoenig exits NIGC to join San Manuel Band of Mission Indians staff.
Pay attention: 'Montana lawmaker wants to revisit idea of reservations'Some light Sunday reading for you, courtesy of the Associated Press and local press reports (with my comment at the end — please share your own …
Alaska Native U.S. legislator says that's how things get done in her state, so why not in the lower chamber, too.
'Something more sinister involved in...objection to the Lumbee being recognized.'
If Democrats could end up supporting a Republican, or at least vote 'present' to move the majority math forward, Cole might be the most palatable…
IHS advance appropriations received the spotlight last week, but there's more for tribes in the Consolidated Appropriations Act.
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