Alaska Native U.S. legislator says that's how things get done in her state, so why not in the lower chamber, too.
'Something more sinister involved in...objection to the Lumbee being recognized.'
If Democrats could end up supporting a Republican, or at least vote 'present' to move the majority math forward, Cole might be the most palatable…
IHS advance appropriations received the spotlight last week, but there's more for tribes in the Consolidated Appropriations Act.
574 tribal nations received $45 billion in 'historic' pandemic funds; Ukraine at $160 billion and counting$45 billion: “Historic” amount of money Interior Secretary Deb Haaland said during this year’s White House Tribal Nations Summit that the 574 fe…
Tribes get burned once again on Wounded Knee Massacre anniversary.
U.S. Senate passes 2-year funding deal providing extra $5 billion for IHS through '24; U.S. House expected to soon follow suit.
BIE schools spend approximately $20k per pupil per year, yet educational outcomes are poor. Advocate suggests a new path.
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